Jamie Hawthorne: Coaching at Loughborough

Can you give us some background about yourself and how you first became interested in football?

Yeah, so the first set of clothes I ever wore was a Man Utd babygrow. So I didn’t have much choice in terms of getting into football to be honest.

I played at grassroots level until I was around 14 years old and it was around then that I signed for Rhyl FC Academy, where I spent about 5 years in a playing capacity. I then went on to play senior football before heading off to university.


You got involved in coaching at quite a young age. How did that transition happen?

It probably started when I was playing at grassroots level. Because it was a family orientated club, I’d be playing and then I would be around the pitch when the younger age groups were also there and someone asked if I wanted to get involved. So I did, and I enjoyed it.

I was always a kid who was quite vocal on the pitch and my coach wasn’t the best in all honesty – we were left to our own devices so it probably started then, just doing little bits because we didn’t really have a proper coach. As I say, it’s probably something that’s always been in my personality. Since I got that initial opportunity, I’ve always enjoyed it – so I fell into it I guess, but whether it was playing or coaching I loved being around the game and that’s how it started.

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