Inside Prague Raptors

With Daz Moss

Firstly, can you tell us about the history of the club and how it came to be formed?

It was a total coincidence actually, we never sat down and planned out to build a football club. I was back in Yorkshire visiting my Mum with my family…my little boy, Lukas, was watching the football with me on the sofa and he turned round and asked why don’t we make our own football club…I laughed at first and then started to think maybe it could be cool to try…I had already had some involvement recently with the CONIFA team, Yorkshire International Football so had learnt a little about promoting a team, looking for players etc…I asked Lukas what we should be called and he loves Jurassic Park so we settled on Raptors as the name…for a little bit I though about making the name and brand simpler, maybe ‘Prague City’ but in the end it just felt right to name it how Lukas wanted – and I think it was a good idea, people love the brand.

I then reached out to a couple of of people I know are involved in football in Prague, we held a trial, 75 people turned up and we managed to find our first squad that night…over that Summer we added more players and joined the league that year. Our plan was originally to enter an expats league for the first year with the Men’s and look at the Women’s team the year after…but I met lots of amazing people who helped us get both up and running and in the Czech leagues in a few months. Most of our success to date is thanks to the awesome volunteers who support the club, as well as the players of course!

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